Parastoo Mahmoudi

Artist member since 2019
TORONTO , Ontario

PARASTOO MAHMOUDI Parastoo is an international artist, born in 1976, currently Toronto, Canada resident. Her formal training in art began in 1996. ladies, she articulated her thoughts, surroundings and character of the people around her in her own unique style. For seven years, she dedicated herself to the study of human forms - drawing and sculpting live models, and experimenting with different medium and styles. She learnt the anatomy of the human body to develop her primary drawing skills. Later on the magical link between a person’s face and character led her to focus on the human face, studying the art of portrait in great detail. Parastoo expresses her creativity through various mediums from drawing, painting, design, and mosaic art to handicrafts and illustrations. Some of her distinct collections include the Chair Collection, Landscapes; Figures, Faces Collection and My ladies. 1998 -2017, Parastoo successfully presented a number of solo and group exhibitions. Parastoo started to complete her academics in drawing and painting program at OCAD University in Toronto since 2018.

Inside the Studio